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someone was stabbed at my kroger.



i forgot to snooze today.  who does that?  my alarm went off and i jumped out of bed.  usually, i re-set my alarm for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes later and THEN get up.  today, not so much.  alarm went off, i jumped out of bed, and came back from my shower and saw that my clock read the time i would normally wake up.  who does that?!

i didn’t use to be a snoozer.  i would set my alarm really loud and just jump out of bed ready to go when it went off.  as my lifestyle has become increasingly more rockstar (HA HA HA), i find it necessary to snooze now.

in college, i hated snoozers because we slept in the cold dorm of the sorority house which means there could be up to 25 girls sleeping in one freezing cold room (they say we keep it so cold to kill the germs).  snoozers in the cold dorm would receive a death glare from me on my mornings i got to sleep in.  does your alarm REALLY need to blare 4  times in order for you to wake up???

oh well, at least now i’m awake and ready to start this very busy day!

There is so much uncertainty in life. That can be so hard to deal with but I am grateful for a God that has a plan and knows what He is doing, even when I am fumbling and stumbling around. When I am a klutz with life, I rely on his grace and ability. When I am blind, I rely on His vision.

I pray for discernment. It is something that I feel I often lack. I grope around in the dark, trying to find the prettiest option that makes me the giddiest for awhile. I truly surrender to Your will. I will bide my time or I will take a risk. Please just show me how to follow Your path. I will do whatever is necessary to line up with Your will. I know that Your plan is perfect and I am so thankful for that.

this page is me and what i want to talk about. if you feel apt to judge, then move along... thanks!

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