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a black spiral bound notebook that appears to be full of secrets and someone’s heart, please don’t read it.  kindly place it in the lost & found at midtown fellowship and let’s move on with our lives, shall we?

i’m getting paranoid.  i most definitely used first and last names in talking about many things that happened in my life.

i would feel much better if i found it.  much, much, much better.


is going to be the best weekend in january.  this month has kinda socked it to me.  i haven’t really been myself.  i’m not sure why.  maybe it’s seasonal-affective disorder or something.  maybe i’m just in a post-holiday funk.  i can feel myself coming out of it … and i’m relieved.

last weekend was pretty great though – especially because it was a 3 day weekend!  friday night, jacqueline came over and we watched conspiracy theory.  saturday, i went to dinner with mick, copas, sunny, and brittany at this new restaurant called lime.  it was amazing!  it’s owned by the same owers as virago and layl’a.  i had vanilla coconut chicken with coconut rice and black beans… it was so light and delicious.  everyone really liked what they ordered!  after dinner, i went to carly’s and watched Once again.  i love that movie!

sunday threw my great weekend off-course.  i woke up to no water!  i knew it wasn’t an issue with billing so i figured my pipes were frozen and i was terrified that they would burst.  i stayed home from church to monitor the situation (and because i hadn’t had a shower) and nothing ever changed…  i ended up showering at shannon’s and heading out to run some errands.. when i came back, i had water.  what a relief!!  later on, i ended up over at trammell’s house and shannon, kimberly, david cook, grey, james, emily and i played apples to apples.  fun!

monday, i went to the frist (it was free!) with carly, dawn, janelle, sunny, and brittany.  my favorite part of the frist is artquest, where you can make your own art.. and they highly encourage adults to play, too!  i did watercolors for the first time since.. like, elementary school and then made a screenprint.  fun times!  janelle and i went to fido after and got yummy drinks.. then i went home and was very productive – cooking, baking (a treat for my fellowship group) and packing lunches for the week.  it was so fun and relaxing.  then i watched “the namesake,” a movie that carly let me borrow.  it was REALLY good!

so, all in all, last weekend was awesome.  tonight, though – we’re going to see our friends patrick collum & the law (which is comprised of grey and david cook) play.  i am so excited!  these guys are super talented.

tomorrow night, some of the work friends and i are going to the family wash for dinner and  then to an art show opening at plowhaus.  fun!

i feel like we’re our very own “finer things” club… although i have a feeling we would allow jim halpert in our club if he tried to join. 😉

far far

so, i have a new artist to share with you. Yael Naim. you know that catchy macbook air song? she sings it. i bought her album on itunes and it’s really interesting. she is french-israeli and sings in english and hebrew.

these are the lyrics to one of her songs… it’s called “far far.”

Far far, there’s this little girl
she was praying for something to happen to her
everyday she writes words and more words
just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside
and she’s strong when the dreams come cos’ they
take her, cover her, they are all over
the reality looks far now, but don’t go

How can you stay outside?
there’s a beautiful mess inside
how can you stay outside?
there’s a beautiful mess inside
oh oh oh oh

Far far, there’s this little girl
she was praying for something good to happen to her
from time to time there are colors and shapes
dazzling her eyes, tickling her hands
they invent her a new world with
oil skies and aquarel rivers
but don’t you run away already
please don’t go oh oh

How can you stay outside?
there’s a beautiful mess inside
how an you stay outside?
there’s a beautiful mess inside

Take a deep breath and dive
there’s a beautiful mess inside
how can you stay outside?
There’s a beautiful mess
beautiful mess inside

Oh beautiful, beautiful

Far far there’s this little girl
she was praying for something big to happen to her
every night she ears beautiful strange music
it’s everywhere there’s nowhere to hide
but if it fades she begs
“oh lord don’t take it from me, don’t take it yourselves”

I guess i’ll have to give it birth
to give it birth
i guess, i guess, i guess i have to give it birth
i guess i have to, have to give it birth
there’s a beautiful mess inside and it’s everywhere

So shake it yourself now deep inside
deeper than you ever dared
deeper than you ever dared
there’s a beautiful mess inside
beautiful mess inside

I love living in Nashville and having very talented friends! I’m so excited to go see my friends Patrick Collum & the Law play their CD release show tomorrow night at the Rutledge. I first heard their title track “Ramblin’ Woman” this summer.. Patrick played it for us at a house jam session and I was floored. It is an AMAZING song. I was very fortunate to be part of the recording process of that song… they recruited voices for group vocals and I went down to the studio and sang my little heart out (well, I sang my little heart somewhat self-consciously :)). My name is officially on the back of the EP’s packaging and I am honored and proud to be associated with such amazing music!

Be sure to check them out!

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