i love being busy, but it hinders me from doing things like putting my laundry away or stowing my shoes away in the bins i just bought to hold my shoes. or cleaning the sink. or going to the y. or throwing away the empty diet coke cans around my room. 🙂 all that is what saturday is for, i guess!

let’s recap the week. monday, i found out that shannon’s sweet, dear grandma passed away so i went right over to her house after work. kimberly, patrick, betsy, grey and i all hung out and ended up playing Loaded Questions and then everyone’s favorite: telephone pictionary! marisa taught us this game and i’ve been teaching all my friends. 🙂

tuesday i went and got a drink for ryan’s birthday then rushed to fellowship group. wednesday, i went to the y then went to borders and bought a new Bible. i lost mine (with the notebook i mentioned in a previous post) and haven’t been able to find them. i had a 25% off coupon to borders so i picked up a really nice NIV thinline.. it’s brown and teal… pretty stylish. 😉

thursday, i went to michael’s (the craft store) and bought an awesome frame for my Newworldson liner notes. i know, what a geek, right? but it’s my first time being thanked in liner notes of a label release and they are SO dear to me. they list a ton of names and then i have my very own sentence. my own sentence! 🙂 they are amazing musicians and incredible guys – so nice and humble and genuine and mature and welcoming and caring. anyway, the frame is awesome and the way i framed it is pretty cool. i also bought Christmas stuff at 90% off which means i got $120 worth of stuff for only $12! nice! then i rushed to shannon’s to watch LOST. i am new to lost but am keeping up pretty well, i think. i am definitely sucked in! last night, shannon, jacqueline, and adria came over and hung out. good times.

i had big plans of doing big things this morning. i woke up at 6:30 (ugggh) and planned my morning while i tried to go back to sleep. i would go to the y, get ready there, go to sofa express in cool springs (big sale!), then go to happy tales in franklin and find a dog. i haven’t done any of that. i didn’t see any dogs on the happy tales website that were right for me and i need to pay off my home depot bill before buying a new couch (and i should probably wait to get a couch after i potentially get a dog… we’ll see).

so, i am here, trying to keep warm in my non-temperature-controlled finished attic while watching E! and thinking about making oatmeal but not wanting to get out from under the covers. i need a plan for the day…hmm.

tonight, we’re celebrating michael’s birthday and then i am rushing off to see sharon jones & the dap kings. i am verrrry excited!

did you hear all the times i had to “rush?” BUSY BUSY. but i love it. but it’s making me think that i am probably not living a doggie-conducive lifestyle. 😦 i want one so badly though. we could be cuddling right now.

(me circa ’84 with puppies!)

next week will be fun and exciting. monday, we’re having a painting night at carly’s house and tuesday tara leigh plays at fido! woo!! i think carrie and i are meeting up before to hang out, see TLC play, then i have to RUSH off to fellowship group. 🙂

alrighty, time to go downstairs and do something productive with myself. 🙂