i actually watched… and LOVED it.  ok, i loved it in the 4th quarter when it really mattered.  and ok, i loved it only when the giants looked like they had a chance.  plaxico?  you win.  eli?  you DEFINITELY win.  i am happy for the mannings.

i wish i could attach myself to a team enough to care about football the rest of the season.  i lived in indiana for 4 years but never caught the colts bug.  i’ve lived in nashville for 3.5 years but haven’t caught the titans bug either.  if i had to choose a team, i would probably associate with the colts because of peyton and tony dungy and hunter smith and the other really nice guys on the team.

so, maybe next year i’ll catch more games… but i doubt it.  🙂   maybe a team i can muster up some interest in will go to the superbowl and i can tune out until the 4th quarter again.  and then yell “GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM!”  and “GO GO GO!” like a fanatic while jumping up and down and screaming.  (i definitely lept to my feet at least twice last night in the final minutes!!!)  or maybe not.  who knows.  🙂