gosh, life can really get out of control sometimes.  i am pretty much sailing along but i feel like everyone around me has a major issue – both good and bad.  i have always tended to take on other people’s problems and emotions, so i am reeling from all of the news i continue to receive.

there are certainly major prayers being answered all around me which leaves me hopeful for the future but also a little melancholy while i wait it all out.  it is reassuring to see other people’s prayers being answered… but i still wait for my miracles.
i am attempting to read “waiting” by ben patterson but have been soooooooooo tired that i can barely make it through a page before i fall asleep.  i hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight and get energized for the rest of the week.  and i must – i repeat – MUST rest well this weekend.  i didn’t rest last weekend and i didn’t get ANYTHING done around the house.  i must sleep at least 8 hours every night and put away my daggone laundry.

i am so happy for my friends – SO happy.  but i am concerned for other friends.  and… i want my turn.  i know.  that’s selfish.  i can’t help it.