welp, it’s friday night and i’m at home.  i was supposed to go to the rutledge to see gabe’s band (disappointed by candy) play… but i met jacqueline at panera right after work and then went to target and came home and CRASHED.  i feel bad.  i’ve seen them place twice before and they’re great… it would have been fun.  i think just about everyone i know is there tonight.  sorry to DBC for not showing up but i have a feeling there was a pretty good crowd!

tara leigh didn’t end up playing, it was a book signing and hangout time only.  i met carrie at fido and we ordered dinner.  grey came and sat with us and people kept coming in and out but we stayed the whole time.  tlc asked me to take pictures for her, so i cavorted around the room taking random candid shots as well as smiley, posed photos.  it was fun saying, “a picture for tara leigh!” and snapping the button before the group could react. 🙂  it was good to see her and i bought her book (crowded skies: letters to manhattan) and she signed it.  what is cool is that at her last book release, i was just a fan… and now i’m a friend.  🙂   i haven’t started reading it yet, but i flipped it open and in the beginning, she has drawn an awesome map of manhattan labeling important spots and giving the reader an idea of the nyc geography.  (all those boroughs!  all those bridges!  all those landmarks!  tlc concisely shows you what’s important.  it’s great!)

we had bad, bad weather on tuesday night.  i tried going to bed early but stayed awake watching the news for a bit.  at one point, the weatherpeople said the tornado was hitting my area but they were lying because it would have been impossible.  it was already hitting LP field and then they said it was hitting woodbine.  they lie.  i did go downstairs and sit in the hallway, though, just to be safe.  one round of tornadoes went through at 9ish and the second round came through at 2am.  needless to say, every nashvillian was sleeeeeeeeepy on wednesday.

wednesday and thursday i didn’t do much.  went to the y after work.  thursday, shannon came over to watch lost.  when miles dripped with sarcasm, we turned to each other and declared that we like miles a lot.  and here’s my confession:  i think locke is hot.  yes, i have a thing for the whiskered, bald guys.  i just feel like locke is what my ideal man will look like in 30 years.  🙂

today was a sloooow day at work.  i did a lot of my normal friday things yesterday so i felt a bit at a loss.  i started writing my newsletter since we’re supposed to be out of the office a bit on monday.  carly, ryan and i ate our lunches at our respective desks then went to starbucks and played uno.  it was really fun.  the suits thought we were immature, i bet, but it was fun.

tomorrow, a bunch of my friends are being auctioned off at a date auction.  it should be interesting!  very “saved by the bell!”  graham is playing (as well as being auctioned off) and one of tara leigh’s friends, rick seibold is also playing.  she and i were having dinner at fido a few months ago and he came in.  i recognized his name as a musician living in new york (when we were there in may, i wanted to go see him play but he was playing late.. and in queens.. and we were staying in new jersey…) but it turns out that he has moved here.  i’m glad to finally see him play!