i am blogging while LOST is on a commercial break.  🙂  i finally started using an RSS reader and included “dear abby” just for fun.  🙂  here’s one that popped up today that warmed my heart:

DEAR ABBY: Last year on Valentine’s Day I had many errands to run, so I started at my favorite coffee shop at 7 a.m. At a table in front of me was an elderly couple who were already eating. I enjoy people-watching, and it was easy to observe them. The man was having trouble opening his little package of jelly. I almost went over to help him. Why didn’t I? Because he was there with a lady. Sister, wife, friend? I couldn’t see her left hand. If I had offered help, it might have embarrassed him. This was a buffet breakfast.

As I ate, I watched him make several slow trips for food. He put milk and sugar in her dry cereal. He cut her food and twice wiped her mouth with her napkin. He put sugar and cream in her coffee and stirred it.

When they finally finished, he helped her from her chair, helped her with her coat, straightened out her folding walker, held her arm as they left and helped her into an older model car.

That vignette made my day. Were they sweethearts? I don’t know, but there certainly was a lot of love there. Not a word was spoken, but I’m sure the message was received. We could use more of that kind of “conversation” every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. — S. FROM TENNESSEE