it’s sunday night and i feel quite satisfied with the weekend.  friday, i met shannon at mellow mushroom where we had bbq chicken pizza.  (sidenote: i have a crush on every male mellow mushroom employee.  they are such cute hippies.)  shan is housesitting so we went back to the house and played sequence and watched my all-time favorite movie, tammy and the bachelor.  it JUST came out on dvd 2/5 and my mom ordered it for me for v-day.  (awwww.)  it was made in 1957 and stars debbie reynolds and an incredibly handsome and charming young leslie nielsen.  i have the movie on vhs but it is wearing out… and to see tammy in such better color without tracking was uh-mazing.

saturday, liz moved out.  (sidenote: i need roommate solutions.  haven’t heard from christina on whether or not she’s moving in.  please, please, please let it work out!)  i cleaned most of the day because i felt guiltless cranking oldies up and scrubbing everything.  it was great.  i love cleaning!  i went on a target shopping spree (yikes) and got groceries then met doug for dinner.  we attempted to go to rosepepper but there was an hour and a half wait.  we ended up at alleycat(z? s?).  it was pretty good!  it was INCREDIBLY smoky (thought that was illegal now?!?!) but tasty.  the queso was delicious and i got some kind of dijon encrusted peppercorn chicken sandwich.  it was great.  the real highlight of the night was…..

patrick collum and the law!

but of course, no show can go without a hitch.  alright, it wasn’t the end of the world, but four bands played saturday night at the 5 spot and i HEARD THEM ALL.  yes, that’s right, she who hates 3 band bills heard FOUR bands saturday night.  we showed up late on purpose and when we got there.. the first band was loading in.  i was pretty livid (could’ve been the margarita!).  they played and were loud.  really loud.

the second band was a treat – junior league from d.c. featuring a girl lead singer playing banjo!  and a fiddle player!  i liked them.

then, pc&tl took the stage.  so much fun.  i never sing along at shows but i couldn’t help myself.  the harmonies are so amazing that i just can’t stop from joining in.  then we all hung around and heard the last band and they were pretty decent.  it was fun just hanging out.

today was church.. it was good.  i’m very excited about what we’re talking about.  they are really equipping us to understand our faith by teaching us how to trust and interpret the Bible.  i’ve never approached the Bible from an intellectual standpoint… crazy, i know.  so to have theories and ways to approach it to understand it as Truth is really great.  i am jazzed.  for the first time, i’m actually really excited about consistently reading it.

went to cafe coco after church with sunny, gina, jen, dax, christina, and winn.  it was a lot of fun – we are funny people and laughed the whole time.  i piddled around the house after lunch and started reading tara leigh’s book then went o trammell/grey/james’.  emily, shan, julie, david cook, dax and melissa were all there.  i brought apples to apples and we played.  i won.  sometimes i feel really guilty when i win.  is that normal??

i am going to type a separate entry about living alone.  so, here i go….!