i am trying to stay warm upstairs in a thick sweater and my space heater facing me while watching “miss potter,” which is a very good movie.

last night, carly picked me up and we went down to Crema, a new coffee shop on 1st ave owned by ben and rachel lehman, who i met over 3 years ago when we were in the same neighborhood fellowship group.  fast forward years, and i find out that rachel and carly actually went to college together in colorado.  they recently opened crema and i had heard so much about it but hadn’t been yet.  there was a free art opening last night (aaron grayum is the artist) and it was great!  i love his work.  it is so joyful and hopeful and whimsical.  we hung around for awhile talking to friends and coworkers and drinking wine and eating cheese.  it was fun!  she dropped me back off and i left to pick up jake who is in town recording an EP and we went to see “definitely, maybe.”  i got to choose a girl movie because i saw an awful vampire movie with him before.  now we’re even!  i didn’t really like definitely, maybe and i can’t put my finger on the overarching reason but there are many small reasons…

i actually had a bunch of free passes to a showing of “penelope” this mornin so i gathered up some girlfriends and we went.  it was SO good.  definitely a modern day fairytale with an edge.  i adored it.  christina and i shopped around opry mills after the movie.

i have been relaxing at home since then and wanted to put in another “fairy tale” so i put in miss potter.  🙂

tonight, my buddies play!  check out florez!