was great!

so, i found the secret to an amazing ticket at the ryman… buy one ticket and sit alone!  who really cares, anyway?  not me!  the people next to me were really cool and my seat was NEXT to the stage and when she stood and sang, she was RIGHT in front of me – i mean, we made eye contact!

i love how humble she is.  she was supposed to play back in november but collapsed during soundcheck and the show was postponed until last night.  she walked out on stage and just looked so amazed that there was a theater full of people cheering her.  she sang a jazzy song a cappella and tapped on the microphone for a beat…. it was awesome.  then she took her seat at the piano and played all our favorites and said “thank you.. thank you…” when we cheered wildly after every song.  she really seemed flabbergasted.  she thanked us all for coming back to see her several times and seemed genuinely surprised that people DID come back.  she stood up and picked up a bright blue electric guitar and played 2 songs… the only 2 songs she knows on guitar, she said!  the second song was played on one string.  🙂

back to the piano, she played a few more songs and then she was through.

the cheer for the encore was insane.  i’m trying to remember nickel creek’s applause and compare it.  i feel like there was more pew-beating for nickel creek but more shrill screams for regina.  we waited a few minutes – the applause never dying down – and she walked back on stage with wide eyes and a joyful smile.  she was stunned.  she sat at the piano and said “holy sh**!!”  i love how real and genuine she is.  she played five more songs!  i think she only kept playing because people were STILL going crazy!  people rushed the stage (and got in my way, ugh – and totally disrespected the usher who told them to take their seats… they completely ignored her!! i was getting so mad!).

i will have to look at my ipod later to figure out the titles of the songs she sang.  during the encore, she brought her opener (only son) to come out and beatbox for her while she sang the “orca whales” song.  man, i’m terrible with her song titles! 🙂

i almost cried during samson.  it was so beautiful!

all in all, it was an amazing night of music.  she is SOOOO innovative and has amazing control over her voice and can make it do crazy things.  she is so funny and endearing.  she beats a drumstick on a chair while she plays piano!

love her!!