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i mean, how can you not love this face??



i love the little guy.  it’s been a week now and he’s just amazing.  he can’t get enough love and attention… but is learning that there is a time and a place for it and i definitely make time for it.  our morning routine… i wake up 20 minutes earlier than i used to and take him out to potty.  we come inside, i turn on saved by the bell and we snuggle on the couch and i rub his belly, etc for 10 minutes then continue on with my morning.  i taught him to stay in his bed while i get ready in the morning.  he was following me so closely that i couldn’t take one step without him right with me!  luckily he is getting better at that.  when i come home, we go back outside to potty and then we go for a walk.

my house kinda smells like dog but because it smells like him, i actually don’t mind.  what has happened to me?? 🙂  i was the one that hated dog smell yet i find myself loving him in all of his stinkiness.

we went to the vet today and it looks like little buddy has allergies.  i am supposed to give him benadryl! (!!!!)  he took half a pill today… i hope he gets better!  he scratches all the time and chews on his legs and his eyes are a bit red.  i hope the medicine helps.. if not, i will switch food because his foster mom said that the other dog he lived with had allergies and was on hypo-allergenic medicine.. but she said louie didn’t have them…. so, we’ll try his old food (it’s expensive i think.. bummer) if the medicine doesn’t work.

it makes me nervous to give him benadryl but i looked online and it seems as though tons of people do it…

to prove that i CAN talk about something other than my dog…. tonight i am going to see jimmy fallon!  i’m excited!!

he is wonderful.  he doesn’t really like men but hopefully that will all straighten out.

i haven’t crated him.  he is totally housebroken and i blocked off the upstairs and have left him alone a few times today and he has been ok!  i created a little seat for him in front of the dining room window so he can watch the world go by.  i put a nonstick bathroom mat on a bench… and the pack i bought came with 2 so i put one under the bench.  i just ate dinner in here and he laid on the lower mat and fell asleep.  he is rotten.

he is slowly beginning to branch out.  he won’t really play with the toy monkey i got him, but just a bit ago he pounced on it and started playing.  he follows me wherever i go and he finally tonight stayed in the living room and  played with the monkey  while i cooked my dinner.  i am so happy that he is feeling more comfortable.  graham said petey was good for 3 days and then started acting up.  1.5 days down so far!  i hope he stays this sweet.  he is a cuddler!!

he loves to play outside and runs and runs around the backyard.  he is already really protective of the house and barks a bit at visitors and passerby.

he is kinda smelly but i don’t mind it all that much – shocking, right?  i did buy some doggy wipes to wipe him down with.  everything is kinda muddy and gross in my backyard so he gets pretty dirty when he goes out and then runs and jumps on the couch!  sweet little louie!!!!

i finally did it! i got a dog!!!

here’s the whole story…. i have been jonesing for a dog for awhile and they just keep surfacing in my life everywhere and the desire has not gone away. shan and i had plans to go to the factory in franklin today and she ended up finding a bench on craigslist that she bought so we went up to portland, tn this morning to pick it up. we drove waaaay out to the boonies and met the sweetest family! we spent like an hour talking to the mom and her 2 daughters and playing with their 4 dogs. cheryl, the mom, said her sister runs a small dog shelter and she was trying to get me in touch with her because she was convinced i needed to get a dog. 🙂 she pulled up and we started looking. since we had plans to go to franklin already, i searched franklin then they told me that happy tales was actually IN the factory. SOOOO, i pulled up happy tales and came across an adorable dog named louie. i thought, “ok, let’s go check this place out.”

so, we get there, and the first dog i see is this adorable gray dog in a cage. i said, “that’s it, that’s the one i want.” i looked around for a minute trying to figure everything out – it was really overwhelming with dogs and people EVERYWHERE. there was a guy there with another gray dog and i asked if that was louie and he said no and pointed to the original dog in a cage that i saw and said “that’s louie.” WOW! it was meant to be!!! 🙂

i got him out of the cage and put him on a leash and walked around with him for awhile. everyone loved him! i picked him up and he was so sweet and never fought me at all. i spent tons of time walking him around and getting to know him. all the ladies there told me he was perfect for me! his aunt shannon also fell in love with him. 🙂

so, i filled out the paperwork and they decided i am fit to be a mother. 🙂

he is sooo laid-back. i hope this isn’t just a phase 🙂 he has been sleeping all evening. he NEVER barks and he follows me everywhere. he’s kinda snoring right now. he actually had a bit of an issue with breathing – apparently he had pneumonia as a baby.

oh, he’s like a lhasa/terrier mix and is 4 years old. he is precious!!!

little louie!



delusional hope=bad


the best way to snap you (and by “you” i mean “me”) out of my own self-centered world and thoughts is to see an ambulance… especially at night when the lights are on inside and you can see the patient staring out the back window right at you.  you know they can’t see you because of your headlights, but it still feels like they’re staring right at you.  it is surreal.  you are seeing someone in ill health – you are forced to look right at them as you drive behind the ambulance.  it always, always causes me to get OUT of thinking about myself and helps me gain instant perspective.  i say a prayer for them.  an earnest prayer.  it is the single quickest way God wakes me up to reality outside of my self.

and the ironic thing is that… i came back to Jesus in the back of an ambulance.  i think he knows the significance and has been using that lately.  in the 10 years i’ve been driving, i have rarely found myself stuck behind a regular-speed ambulance but in the past few weeks, i have been behind 3.  they’re driving at normal speed so i know it’s not an emergency, but it is still eerie knowing that the stranger i am looking at is going through something life-changing… just like I did the one time I was in an ambulance.  it all comes full circle and definitely helps me re-focus my thoughts and mindset as i analyze and agonize over my own circumstances.

i am frustrated… last night, joe and i went down to franklin to the irish beer fest thing and it was fuhhhreeeezing so we headed back to my house to kill time before potentially meeting up with mish and alex.  it was sooo cold in my house so i bumped up my thermostat but my heat didn’t kick on.  hmmm.  i played around with it more… and more… and nothing ever happened.  sad.  i flipped breakers.  i turned it off and waited 10 mins and turned it back on… nada.  so, graham came to check it out and couldn’t find anything wrong with it either.

so, i bundled up and headed to bed.  woke up this morning and had NO HOT WATER.  again!  uggggh.  so i headed to the mitchells’ and took a shower, went to church, yadda yadda yadda.  came home and flipped breakers in the garage and flipped breakers on the unit outside… NOTHING!

so, brent is bringing stuff to store in my garage until the wilson/bergey yard sale (4/5!) and he’s an electrician so i’m hoping he can figure something out.  otherwise, i may be crashing at someone else’s house tonight!!!  sigh.

are my favorite.

really, is there anything better than sitting around a fire on a nice nashville night with some of your favorite people? throw in your talented friends playing guitar and singing their songs + cheesy 90s songs + amazing songs from “once” and there really is nothing better. 🙂

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