i am frustrated… last night, joe and i went down to franklin to the irish beer fest thing and it was fuhhhreeeezing so we headed back to my house to kill time before potentially meeting up with mish and alex.  it was sooo cold in my house so i bumped up my thermostat but my heat didn’t kick on.  hmmm.  i played around with it more… and more… and nothing ever happened.  sad.  i flipped breakers.  i turned it off and waited 10 mins and turned it back on… nada.  so, graham came to check it out and couldn’t find anything wrong with it either.

so, i bundled up and headed to bed.  woke up this morning and had NO HOT WATER.  again!  uggggh.  so i headed to the mitchells’ and took a shower, went to church, yadda yadda yadda.  came home and flipped breakers in the garage and flipped breakers on the unit outside… NOTHING!

so, brent is bringing stuff to store in my garage until the wilson/bergey yard sale (4/5!) and he’s an electrician so i’m hoping he can figure something out.  otherwise, i may be crashing at someone else’s house tonight!!!  sigh.