the best way to snap you (and by “you” i mean “me”) out of my own self-centered world and thoughts is to see an ambulance… especially at night when the lights are on inside and you can see the patient staring out the back window right at you.  you know they can’t see you because of your headlights, but it still feels like they’re staring right at you.  it is surreal.  you are seeing someone in ill health – you are forced to look right at them as you drive behind the ambulance.  it always, always causes me to get OUT of thinking about myself and helps me gain instant perspective.  i say a prayer for them.  an earnest prayer.  it is the single quickest way God wakes me up to reality outside of my self.

and the ironic thing is that… i came back to Jesus in the back of an ambulance.  i think he knows the significance and has been using that lately.  in the 10 years i’ve been driving, i have rarely found myself stuck behind a regular-speed ambulance but in the past few weeks, i have been behind 3.  they’re driving at normal speed so i know it’s not an emergency, but it is still eerie knowing that the stranger i am looking at is going through something life-changing… just like I did the one time I was in an ambulance.  it all comes full circle and definitely helps me re-focus my thoughts and mindset as i analyze and agonize over my own circumstances.