he is wonderful.  he doesn’t really like men but hopefully that will all straighten out.

i haven’t crated him.  he is totally housebroken and i blocked off the upstairs and have left him alone a few times today and he has been ok!  i created a little seat for him in front of the dining room window so he can watch the world go by.  i put a nonstick bathroom mat on a bench… and the pack i bought came with 2 so i put one under the bench.  i just ate dinner in here and he laid on the lower mat and fell asleep.  he is rotten.

he is slowly beginning to branch out.  he won’t really play with the toy monkey i got him, but just a bit ago he pounced on it and started playing.  he follows me wherever i go and he finally tonight stayed in the living room and  played with the monkey  while i cooked my dinner.  i am so happy that he is feeling more comfortable.  graham said petey was good for 3 days and then started acting up.  1.5 days down so far!  i hope he stays this sweet.  he is a cuddler!!

he loves to play outside and runs and runs around the backyard.  he is already really protective of the house and barks a bit at visitors and passerby.

he is kinda smelly but i don’t mind it all that much – shocking, right?  i did buy some doggy wipes to wipe him down with.  everything is kinda muddy and gross in my backyard so he gets pretty dirty when he goes out and then runs and jumps on the couch!  sweet little louie!!!!