i finally did it! i got a dog!!!

here’s the whole story…. i have been jonesing for a dog for awhile and they just keep surfacing in my life everywhere and the desire has not gone away. shan and i had plans to go to the factory in franklin today and she ended up finding a bench on craigslist that she bought so we went up to portland, tn this morning to pick it up. we drove waaaay out to the boonies and met the sweetest family! we spent like an hour talking to the mom and her 2 daughters and playing with their 4 dogs. cheryl, the mom, said her sister runs a small dog shelter and she was trying to get me in touch with her because she was convinced i needed to get a dog. 🙂 she pulled up petfinder.com and we started looking. since we had plans to go to franklin already, i searched franklin then they told me that happy tales was actually IN the factory. SOOOO, i pulled up happy tales and came across an adorable dog named louie. i thought, “ok, let’s go check this place out.”

so, we get there, and the first dog i see is this adorable gray dog in a cage. i said, “that’s it, that’s the one i want.” i looked around for a minute trying to figure everything out – it was really overwhelming with dogs and people EVERYWHERE. there was a guy there with another gray dog and i asked if that was louie and he said no and pointed to the original dog in a cage that i saw and said “that’s louie.” WOW! it was meant to be!!! 🙂

i got him out of the cage and put him on a leash and walked around with him for awhile. everyone loved him! i picked him up and he was so sweet and never fought me at all. i spent tons of time walking him around and getting to know him. all the ladies there told me he was perfect for me! his aunt shannon also fell in love with him. 🙂

so, i filled out the paperwork and they decided i am fit to be a mother. 🙂

he is sooo laid-back. i hope this isn’t just a phase 🙂 he has been sleeping all evening. he NEVER barks and he follows me everywhere. he’s kinda snoring right now. he actually had a bit of an issue with breathing – apparently he had pneumonia as a baby.

oh, he’s like a lhasa/terrier mix and is 4 years old. he is precious!!!

little louie!