i love the little guy.  it’s been a week now and he’s just amazing.  he can’t get enough love and attention… but is learning that there is a time and a place for it and i definitely make time for it.  our morning routine… i wake up 20 minutes earlier than i used to and take him out to potty.  we come inside, i turn on saved by the bell and we snuggle on the couch and i rub his belly, etc for 10 minutes then continue on with my morning.  i taught him to stay in his bed while i get ready in the morning.  he was following me so closely that i couldn’t take one step without him right with me!  luckily he is getting better at that.  when i come home, we go back outside to potty and then we go for a walk.

my house kinda smells like dog but because it smells like him, i actually don’t mind.  what has happened to me?? 🙂  i was the one that hated dog smell yet i find myself loving him in all of his stinkiness.

we went to the vet today and it looks like little buddy has allergies.  i am supposed to give him benadryl! (!!!!)  he took half a pill today… i hope he gets better!  he scratches all the time and chews on his legs and his eyes are a bit red.  i hope the medicine helps.. if not, i will switch food because his foster mom said that the other dog he lived with had allergies and was on hypo-allergenic medicine.. but she said louie didn’t have them…. so, we’ll try his old food (it’s expensive i think.. bummer) if the medicine doesn’t work.

it makes me nervous to give him benadryl but i looked online and it seems as though tons of people do it…

to prove that i CAN talk about something other than my dog…. tonight i am going to see jimmy fallon!  i’m excited!!