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thank you, thank you, thank you.  even if this peace lasts just another day, i am grateful for it.  you know that i’ve been on a rollercoaster and i am so thankful that you DID pull me out.  i hope it sticks.  i hope it continues.  i trust you.  thank you.

and thanks also for the little bonus.  i highly doubt it is anything but it was a nice distraction and i appreciate it. 🙂


this was such a great weekend that i want to document it for FOREVER on my blog. ha.

friday night, i went to andra’s “taste of nashville” birthday party.  we all brought different take-out and ate pot-luck style.  it was a really fun idea!  it was great to a) celebrate andra, b) get out, c) meet new people.  it has been awhile since i’ve met a whole new group of people.  i had the bright idea to color in gabe’s tattoo.. and it was awesome.  then stephen wanted a tattoo so i kinda drew all over his arm.. oops.  i gave a little birdie to andra’s friend linnae.  it was fun…  🙂

saturday morning, woke up sooo early to have a yard sale with the bergeys, ryan, and the mitchells brought over some stuff.  a new friend, erika, set up an avon table and brought the little boy she was nannying for.  it was fun!  i didn’t make much money, but the bergeys did so that’s awesome.  (i did well last time, so i’ll live.)

i hurried down to franklin to get my hair cut by matt fine.  (if you need a good hairstylist.. PLEASE ask me about him.  1) he is freaking awesome and 2) if i refer one more person, i get a free haircut.)  he gave me my first short cut last june when he was in school and now he’s a senior stylist at dion’s south.  it’s short!  it’s fun. 🙂

the mitchells picked me up after my haircut and we headed down to meet our friends at arrington vineyards.  it. was. beautiful.  they had spread picnic blankets out and brought a ton of great picnic food and we sat and drank wine and waited for our wine tasting.  (it was packed so we had to get on the waiting list)   we were able to taste 4 delicious wines including a raspberry dessert wine that is yummmmmm.  it was so fun to sit out on a hill and look over a gorgeous valley and laugh and laugh and laugh.  (this was a weekend for laughter, it was great.  after the vineyard, i headed to shannon and kimbery’s to hang with those folks… we all played pictionary and then telephone pictionary…

i slept in sunday and didn’t go to church.  i really needed some sleep and some downtime to clean my house.  so, i cleaned and cleaned then shopped a bit and then met a group at zanies for a free show last night.  it was pretty good!

i needed some laughs this weekend.  i’ve felt so burdened and contemplative… there are just a lot of things going on and a lot of changes… so it can be overwhelming… so this weekend was a great way to relax and let go.

and now i have to run or i’ll be late to work 🙂

so much change!

i hate change but i adapt really well.  i know that everything will work out but i feel change coming at me from every direction!

i have been praying now more than ever for wisdom and guidance.  it is so easy to give in and make foolish choices but i want to be obedient and make wise decisions.  proverbs 2 helped me put wisdom and seeking guidance into perspective.  it is important EVERY day, not just when in the middle of a crisis.

in the meantime, i’m praying for me and the people around me to make the right decisions.  i feel on the cusp of so many different things and just praying that God leads us in the right directions.

so vague, right?  details are unnecessary.. this is a good lesson that can apply to any situation in life.

this page is me and what i want to talk about. if you feel apt to judge, then move along... thanks!

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