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Two things I’ve come upon in the past 24 hours that are completely AWESOME: you can video conference with multiple, i meant MULTIPLE people – without having to sign up or download anything! the only person that has to sign up is the person who starts the conference. oh yeah, it’s free. i created a “room” last night and invited my friends janelle, derek, graham, and grant and we had 4 people at one point.

It was FUN! You can set reminder texts (FOR FREE) to come to your phone (or anyone else’s). You can set them up on a schedule or send them immediately. AMAZING. How many times have I emailed myself and kept the email as new so that I would remember something? COUNTLESS. This could revolutionize my life!!


I love podcasts… which is funny because I never thought podcasts would last. I scoffed at them. “What’s the point?!” I wanted to know.

Now, I’m an avid podcast listener. I didn’t realize back then that I would become sucked into the world and culture of NPR. I didn’t realize that a 50 year old guy from Chicago would become one of my all-time favorite people in the world. (Ira Glass of This American Life fame). I didn’t realize that I would listen to people on podcasts that I would want to know, and would want to write, and would be elated when they wrote back.

I am going to introduce you to my favorite podcasts and also tell you some stories about how podcasts have affected my life.

All time favorite:

This American Life. Really, it is the best thing on radio. In popular culture. I love it. Each week, Ira takes a topic and dissects it through 1-5 stories from different contributors. Writers, comedians, news reporters, regular folk… It is so entertaining and informative! And when you meet a fellow TAL listener, it’s like an automatic goldmine of topics of conversation. “Do you remember the one with the girl that worked at FAO Schwartz? What about the one where the women were switched at birth? Can you believe that?!”

I met Ira Glass. It was wonderful. He is wonderful. He is quirky and smart and witty. He spoke in Nashville over the summer and I went and stood in line to get a book he edited signed. I told him that I interview people for a living and asked if he had a favorite interview question. I explained to him and he thought for a minute and gave me some interview ideas.. all of which I’ve asked before. BUT, it was cool for just that minute to think that Ira Glass thought he was helping me break ground. Love him. 🙂

New favorite:

The Moth Podcast. People tell stories without notes in front of a live audience. The range of stories is so vast and so interesting. There’s a new story every week and they’re usually about 10-15 minutes long. They are awesome.

The one I downloaded today “The Funny One” by Elna Baker was awesome. I wanted to hear more, so I visited and she has MORE stories there! She is absolutely hilarious – she is a mormon writer living (and trying to date) in New York City. She is really open about her faith and her values and her struggles.. all while making you laugh hysterically. Check out the video below (it’s not vulgar but it does mention anatomy…. so um… watch at your own risk. ha).

So, I wrote Elna today. I told her I loved her stories and that I admire her conviction and her candor about her values and that it was refreshing to hear someone my age and in my stage of life on podcasts and on NPR (she contributes to This American Life) that shares my (core) values etc. She wrote me back pretty quickly and was very nice. I love how the internet makes the world smaller and everyone more accessible!

Other new favorite:

Radio Lab from WNYC. They also take a topic and dissect it, but in a more scientific manner. They use psychology studies to shed light on a topic and they are really innovative in their editing and the layers of sounds they broadcast… It draws you in and then keeps you hooked!


Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. A quiz show about the news featuring comedians as the contestants. Mo Rocca and Paula Poundstone are on it. Very entertaining!

Car Talk.
The funniest show on the radio happens to be about car repair! I don’t care about cars but I could listen to Tom and Ray all day long!

If you’re driving around the holidays, subscribe to these podcasts, throw them on your iPod and enjoy. You’ll thank me later for these hours (and even years) of enjoyment that are sure to follow!!!!

Any others you’d recommend?? Any fun stories about podcasts? Leave ’em in the comments. 🙂

…when it’s freezing. Any ideas?

Here’s the deal: I’ve been to Chicago several times. I haven’t been THAT impressed with it – so now’s the time to let this city shine. I’m going January 16th or 17th through the 20th (INAUGURATION DAY!!!) so it will be COLD. I know this. When I was in HS, my family and I went to Chicago over Christmas. We had to buy new winter-wear while we were there – including umbrellas. It rained a lot and it was COLD. And it got dark at 4:30. Ugh.

My other high school Chicago experience was a Key Club trip (international convention, baby! wow, what dorks). 🙂 We stayed downtown and were there on a Sunday and nothing was open. We couldn’t find a single place to get dinner. We were frustrated and all declared that we hated Chicago because we had so much free time and nowhere to go!

I went in college and we drove and went to a show at that well-known club that’s down the street or in the same neighborhood as an army surplus/unique stuff store. That was a fun trip because it had a purpose – we were there for a show. We also had a car so we could get around and we went shopping on Michigan Ave…. it was good! (Man I miss crazy spontaneous roadtrips with Kelsey!) 🙂

Post-college, I went to Chicago to visit my same friends that I’m visiting now – but we stayed in Naperville – which was fine with me because all I wanted to do was go to Ikea! (Aaaand hang with my friends.) 🙂 We went to a really fun tapas place and had quality time together and it was awesome.

But now I’m itching for some city time. I want to be amidst the hustle and bustle and I want to experience the CITY. Of course I will be with my friends I’m there to visit and of course I don’t mind experiencing Naperville with them…. but I definitely want to check out what Chicago has to offer.. now that I’m 26 and an adult and into WAY different things than I ever was before. Art galleries? Yes please! Wine bar? Sure why not? Decorating/design stores? Uh huh!

So, here’s the part where you tell me what is a “must-see” in Chicago. (Something more original than Navy Pier, please – UNLESS it has gone through significant changes in the past 10 years). 🙂 I don’t mind doing all the normal stuff, but I want to know “off-the-beaten” path Chicago!

“If men and women were surer of their God there would be more genuine manliness, womanliness, and godliness in the world, and a whole lot less fear of each other.”

Dolce Loveseat from Target

Wouldn’t this look so good if it replaced my big blue chair in my living room??  I think so!  I first saw this loveseat at Crema and looooved it… I asked Rachel where got it and when she said Target, I was surprised!  I was stalking it on and never committed… and it keeps going out of stock.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it in-stock.  Sigh.

I saw something similar at Erin and Jason’s house Saturday… I need to ask them where they found it!

9.  I would be a scooter girl.  I would scoot around whichever foreign and/or cool city I lived in on my vespa.  Yes I would.

if i had limitless talent and/or opportunity, here are some of the things i’d like to do with my life:

1.  be on broadway.  preferably cassie in a chorus line, maureen in rent, or kim in bye bye birdie.

2.  be an interior decorator.  (like THIS.)

3.  live in manhattan, brooklyn, boston, london, dublin, rome or paris.

4.  speak french and italian fluently.  and for good measure, gaelic.

5.  make a documentary.

6. work for the ellen show.  i want to be the person that book guests and/or comes up with the stunts/games/pranks/etc.

7.  be an artist, a florist, a graphic designer, a set designer (along the lines of interior decorating), and a photographer.

8.  own an art gallery, party supply store, coffee shop, music/events venue, or inn.

what would YOU do if you could do anything in the world?

and you probably don’t realize what a huge deal that is

i am the girl that washes her hair every. single. day.  i know it’s not healthy, but if you’ve seen my curly hair…. can you imagine what it looks like after i sleep on it???  it is not cute.  plus, it feels really dirty if i don’t wash it and *I* think it smells.  other people say no but *I* can smell it.

so, i ran into emily wilson last week and said “i like your curls!” and she told me about curly girl, a movement for curly girls to help get their hair healthier.  it involves using sulfate-free products, not washing your hair everyday, etc.  so, i started using shampoo every other day but still getting my hair wet and using conditioner.  (my hair needs to be wet/conditioned in order for me to do anything with it every day.)  BUT, the huge thing is …

yesterday i took a pretty late shower and then spent a lot of time on my hair – i enhanced some of the curls with a tiny curling iron, so they were pretty well-formed ringlets… with a LOT of product.

(let me rewind to tell you that i got expensive color/highlights last weekend that are already fading – red fades QUICKLY – so i’m trying to extend the life of my color)

so when i went to bed last night i thought “it sure would be nice to not have to wash my hair in the morning.”  i woke up and my hair was like,  near normal.  so, i re-enhanced some of the curls and BOOM!   have gone the whole day with yesterday’s hair.  THIS IS MONUMENTAL!

now, my head does feel a little icky…. but everyone says you get used to it and that the natural oils are great for your hair… sooooooo…. here’s to trying this new lifestyle of treating my hair a little more delicately.   just wanted to share the news with someone… i can’t believe that i didn’t wash my hair today!!  i’m still in shock.  🙂

apparently i started this blog on december 12, 2007.  happy anniversary!

there haven’t been a lot of breakthroughs in this time, ha!  i am really wondering what was happening my life a year ago that made me say “I MUST HAVE A BLOG.”   hmmm.

well, this morning, i have successfully avoided the army of missionaries that descended upon my street, made a less-than-stellar peppermint mocha, and listened to almost the entire kenny & dolly “christmas to remember” record.

things i need to do:

sort my mail

put away my laundry

vaccuum my room

that’s not too bad eh?  i love cleaning on saturday mornings, but only when i get an early start.. when i sleep in (which i got to do today for the first time since march and i got louie) i have a hard time kicking it into gear!!  so i’m enjoying my saturday morning.  ahh.

tonight will be busy.  there are 3 parties i am trying to make it to and potentially billy joe’s to finally take treats up to the guy who did our tattoos.  we will see what all happens!   the first party is in gallatin.. that’s far!!!  🙂

i just deleted a bunch of blogs.  i foolishly processed a lot of heartache on this blog and kept the blog a “secret” so that i’d have somewhere to get it all out.  that stuff is between me and the Lord and while i did have little morsels of wisdom to share every now and then, this is just not the place for me to pray and process.

and i don’t need the reminders of that hurt… so i am deleting everything (even the MANY drafts i started and didn’t publish because they were too personal) and moving on with my life.  the purge.  like on LOST.  🙂

i want to be a regular blogger (not like a blogger who blogs regularly, but a normal blogger) who can share funny stories or awesome links or even truths from the Lord- i don’t want to blog only from the depths of despair. 🙂

so here is my new start.  here’s to the rest of 2008 and 2009.  let’s hope there’s not a lot of pain TO process in the coming days and that i won’t pine for the old use of this blog. 🙂

this page is me and what i want to talk about. if you feel apt to judge, then move along... thanks!

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