i just deleted a bunch of blogs.  i foolishly processed a lot of heartache on this blog and kept the blog a “secret” so that i’d have somewhere to get it all out.  that stuff is between me and the Lord and while i did have little morsels of wisdom to share every now and then, this is just not the place for me to pray and process.

and i don’t need the reminders of that hurt… so i am deleting everything (even the MANY drafts i started and didn’t publish because they were too personal) and moving on with my life.  the purge.  like on LOST.  🙂

i want to be a regular blogger (not like a blogger who blogs regularly, but a normal blogger) who can share funny stories or awesome links or even truths from the Lord- i don’t want to blog only from the depths of despair. 🙂

so here is my new start.  here’s to the rest of 2008 and 2009.  let’s hope there’s not a lot of pain TO process in the coming days and that i won’t pine for the old use of this blog. 🙂