apparently i started this blog on december 12, 2007.  happy anniversary!

there haven’t been a lot of breakthroughs in this time, ha!  i am really wondering what was happening my life a year ago that made me say “I MUST HAVE A BLOG.”   hmmm.

well, this morning, i have successfully avoided the army of missionaries that descended upon my street, made a less-than-stellar peppermint mocha, and listened to almost the entire kenny & dolly “christmas to remember” record.

things i need to do:

sort my mail

put away my laundry

vaccuum my room

that’s not too bad eh?  i love cleaning on saturday mornings, but only when i get an early start.. when i sleep in (which i got to do today for the first time since march and i got louie) i have a hard time kicking it into gear!!  so i’m enjoying my saturday morning.  ahh.

tonight will be busy.  there are 3 parties i am trying to make it to and potentially billy joe’s to finally take treats up to the guy who did our tattoos.  we will see what all happens!   the first party is in gallatin.. that’s far!!!  🙂