and you probably don’t realize what a huge deal that is

i am the girl that washes her hair every. single. day.  i know it’s not healthy, but if you’ve seen my curly hair…. can you imagine what it looks like after i sleep on it???  it is not cute.  plus, it feels really dirty if i don’t wash it and *I* think it smells.  other people say no but *I* can smell it.

so, i ran into emily wilson last week and said “i like your curls!” and she told me about curly girl, a movement for curly girls to help get their hair healthier.  it involves using sulfate-free products, not washing your hair everyday, etc.  so, i started using shampoo every other day but still getting my hair wet and using conditioner.  (my hair needs to be wet/conditioned in order for me to do anything with it every day.)  BUT, the huge thing is …

yesterday i took a pretty late shower and then spent a lot of time on my hair – i enhanced some of the curls with a tiny curling iron, so they were pretty well-formed ringlets… with a LOT of product.

(let me rewind to tell you that i got expensive color/highlights last weekend that are already fading – red fades QUICKLY – so i’m trying to extend the life of my color)

so when i went to bed last night i thought “it sure would be nice to not have to wash my hair in the morning.”  i woke up and my hair was like,  near normal.  so, i re-enhanced some of the curls and BOOM!   have gone the whole day with yesterday’s hair.  THIS IS MONUMENTAL!

now, my head does feel a little icky…. but everyone says you get used to it and that the natural oils are great for your hair… sooooooo…. here’s to trying this new lifestyle of treating my hair a little more delicately.   just wanted to share the news with someone… i can’t believe that i didn’t wash my hair today!!  i’m still in shock.  🙂