if i had limitless talent and/or opportunity, here are some of the things i’d like to do with my life:

1.  be on broadway.  preferably cassie in a chorus line, maureen in rent, or kim in bye bye birdie.

2.  be an interior decorator.  (like THIS.)

3.  live in manhattan, brooklyn, boston, london, dublin, rome or paris.

4.  speak french and italian fluently.  and for good measure, gaelic.

5.  make a documentary.

6. work for the ellen show.  i want to be the person that book guests and/or comes up with the stunts/games/pranks/etc.

7.  be an artist, a florist, a graphic designer, a set designer (along the lines of interior decorating), and a photographer.

8.  own an art gallery, party supply store, coffee shop, music/events venue, or inn.

what would YOU do if you could do anything in the world?